Illustration by Monica Kim Garza.

Illustration by Monica Kim Garza.


 Sex Tapes #11

Sex Tapes is a series of up front and anonymous interviews about the sex lives of various women. 

Are you in a relationship?


How often do you have sex?

2 or 3 times a week.

Do you like having sex

Yes loads! Sometimes it can even feel like I’m high on drugs after a really rewarding ride.

What’s your favourite thing to do when with a partner?

I love being touched all over and some heavy kissing before receiving oral sex, sucking fingers, 69ing and doggy style. When I'm in the mood giving head can be very fun. Especially when I can make my boyfriend cum quickly

What do you not like to do?

I don’t like having penetrative sex for too long. It gets boring pretty quickly unless my clitoris is being stimulated.

Do you sometimes do things you don’t particularly like? Why?

I definitely have in the past when I didn't know what I liked. Now I'm comfortable expressing my disinterest.

Do you fake orgasms?


Do you masturbate? If yes how often?

Whenever I can! Always when I’m hungover. Sometimes when on long drives I get so turned on that I have to go and masturbate in hotel bathrooms.

Do you cheat on your partners? If yes why?

I have twice, it was in the same relationship. Once with another woman and once with a friend towards the end of the relationship which proved it was time to end things.

Have you ever been cheated on?

I went out with a compulsive liar as a teenager so I would say so.

I wonder if rough sex is an intimacy tool for people who actually don’t like each other?

What’s the best sex you’ve ever had and why?

The last sex I had with my boyfriend was amazing! It was so good I couldn’t even stay quiet in the room next to our roommate. Also a few years ago I had sex in a club with a random guy and then another guy got involved which was pretty fun.

What’s been the worst sex you’ve ever had?

Sex with my ex was pretty intense. When I look back it feels like the worst because I put up with it. He would get really frustrated if he lost his boner or if I told him I didn’t want to have his hands on my head when I gave him oral sex. I had been in a situation where I was forced to give a man head previously so had an understandably bad association with this. There was nothing fun or light hearted about the sex we had, it always had to be rough too.

I wonder if rough sex is an intimacy tool for people who actually don’t like each other? Or for one-night stands where people don’t want to show emotion so they get close by being rough? Am really interested in why people like rough sex…I suppose it's just different for everyone.

What do you fantasize about?

I fantasize about being with women all the time and I like to imagine my boyfriend being penetrated while he gives me oral sex

Would you ever act on your fantasies?

I have a couple of times with women when I was drunk but nothing has led to sex. I am really happy in my relationship with my boyfriend and I see a future for us. But sex with women is something I really want to do, I fancy women way more than I fancy other men. I’m just am not sure how to approach the subject with my boyfriend who seems to be against other people's open relationships

What do you wish someone had told you about sex before you started having it?

That it's different with everyone and everyone is different! I used to feel like there was something wrong with me because I couldn't cum from penetrative sex.


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