Riposte Presents...
Women With a
Movie Camera

30th May 2016

Wednesday evening saw us come together again for our monthly Riposte Presents event. Our topic of discussion this time was ‘Women with a Movie Camera’ as a celebration of the exciting new female filmmakers, producers and directors emerging on the scene at the moment. We had the pleasure of having Kathryn Ferguson, Selfridges Resident Film Director; Jade Jackman, Documentary filmmaker and Co-founder of Eye Want Change; and Nikola Vasakova, founder of GIF (Girls in Film) and Producer/Filmmaker for the Telegraph.

Throughout the evening many topics were discussed and dissected. We watched films from each of the women and they explained their inspiration and what led them to the film industry in the first place. We talked about the roles held by women in the film industry and how they should be taken much more seriously with all three of our guests mentioning they had experienced sexism at work. Jade enlightened us on her work with refugees and how she approaches women who have been abused or suffered great torment in their lives.

"How nice it is to have a hub of females who are able to do the roles that men have been renowned for doing for so long"

Kathryn opened up the discussion on how hard funding for personal projects can be but if you truly believe in your work you will make it happen. Last but by no means least Nikola explained how nice it is to have a hub of females who are able to do the roles that men have been renowned for doing for so long, for example a gaffer, as it’s not the fact that there aren’t women doing these jobs out there, it’s more the fact that they are constantly being overlooked.

We also discussed the importance of a film community and the Soho Made campaign in particular (a drive to keep Soho independent and to retain its character) of which Kathryn said, "I do all of my post in Soho, it's a great cause." 

Head to our Twitter account for more quotes from the evening: @ripostemagazine. Thank you to our great panellists, everyone who came down yesterday, the Town Hall for hosting, Aesop for the gifts and our print sponsor CPI for their support. A huge thank you goes to our drinks sponsor of the evening Tanqueray Gin ` for keeping the drinks flowing all evening.

You can follow the Riposte Presents events live via our Twitter using the hashtag #RipostePresents. Look out for the next one as we host one a month!

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