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What’s your favourite piece of work you’ve created?

It will have to be the one called Sunbury House. It was done for my MA course so it has got more of personal flavour. It is rather decorative too, and humour got used vary sparingly. I definitely had fun there with tweaking perspective, combining spaces and filling them up with existing objects from my life.

Has your background influenced your style?

I would like to think that growing up in a post-soviet environment did cater for some sensibilities towards things flat and modest; but I also that it was my moving to London that properly enabled me certain visual channelling and translating.

Where do you live now and where would you like to be living in five years time?

I currently live in London and have been doing so for last 7 years. And next destination? Who knows? Berlin? Prague? Rotterdam?


Martina Paukova

First up is illustrator Martina Paukova whose colourful spin on the everyday caught our eye. For Riposte Issue #5 Martina has created a series of illustrations

for an up coming feature on staying creative under pressure where we asked a bunch of talented women how they stay inspired when the deadlines pile up. Last week we sat down with Martina to talk about her work and finding inspiration in the little things. 

- Where did you grow up?

I grew up in south west part of Slovakia almost in the middle of civilised nowhere; small sleepy town with three shops, tiny library and own cemetery. Teenage years got spent in nearby city, and university years in the capital of Bratislava. It felt promising.

- What was your favourite pass time as a kid?

I used to be definitely an outdoorsy type! I fondly remember rather uncultivated cycling around with the boys, me the proud owner of red BMX bicycle. I also remember numerous tree climbings and knee bruisings.

- Tell us about your work

I tend to draw spindly and awkward characters going on about their daily lives in their mundane everyday settings; eating, talking, using technology or just sleeping. The whole scene is rather simple and colourful, and with some humour too!

What’s your screen saver?

None present.

What do you do when you’re under pressure and you have to create something?

Hmm, the good old working trick seems to be stepping away changing the scene, having a snack or simply cleaning the bathtub!

What scares you?

Moods scare me. My moods or the moods of the others. They can just wash over and tweak the schedule! I am also not a big fan of unpenetrable people.

Who inspires you?

Nobody in particular I dare to say. I like small tiny deeds. Little tickles.

What bad thing do you love?

It will have to be gluten and products with it. I do like to chew. Oh and also sitting in seemingly the most uncomfortable positions with legs bent here and there, blood flow stopped and spine silently suffering. I like that.

What could you do better?

Haha so many things! Time management when working, annoyance management when cycling and generally being a good person on super perpetual basis.

What do you do very well?

Overanalyse. And work with vectors. And I am not a bad cook.