Women Cook For Me


There’s nothing more soulful than food. Women Cook for Me is all about that joy - In amongst the sea of recipe books and television shows about food aimed at women’s ‘health’, mental and physical, Women Cook for Me is a refreshingly candid and positive perspective of women’s relationship with food. Created by photographer Sophie Davidson, the newsletter asks a range of women about food in their everyday life, especially the food that makes them happy.

Accompanied is Sophie’s reflective, quietly powerful portraiture, finished off with a recipe, ranging from the most detailed balsamic pork by Anna Koska to the simply happy eggs and tomatoes by Rebecca May Johnson. Mixed in are stories of childhood, identity, integration, and questions of sustainability, ethics and purpose. On the other hand, the newsletter veers from the pretentiousness of the foodie universe, interspersing the more contemplative with playful features, like Ketchup Taste Test with Georgia Haire, or Pay Day Dining, such as Melanie Xu’s luxurious treat of lunch at Rochelle’s Canteen in the latest newsletter.

What makes the newsletter even more familiar is Sophie’s voice in each interaction, woven into her photographs, and written into the texts. Sophie allows us into these relationships.  As Mel explains, ‘If I’ve asked you to come with me to Rochelle Canteen, it means I really like you’. Women Cook for Me is a reminder of the relationships we build around food, the important friendships made over a bowl of chips or a special spaghetti.

In the face of continuous body-shaming of women with food, through advertising, social media, and celebrity endorsement, Women Cook for Me raises an eyebrow unperturbed and continues eating. It gives space for women to contextualise the food in their lives, and talk about the food they love, through cooking, eating, and sharing.


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Photographs by Sophie Davidson

Words by Vivien Chan

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