What Turns You On?

ESSAY from Issue #4

Increasingly we find ourselves living in a hyper sexualised world. Images which at one point you would have found in a soft core porno mag in your Dad's bathroom cabinet now feature in mainstream magazines. Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Nick Minaj spread their legs on a car bonnet as part of their pre-watershed stage show and 50 Shades of Grey with its version of BDSM is saturating the seats of Vue cinemas up and down the country. Has the rise in sexually driven content and easily accessible porn turned us all into freaks or behind closed doors is it all a little bit more vanilla than you think? We want to find out so we are collaborating with the Anonymous Sex Journal to

bring the Arousal Issue as an insert in our next issue. We want your stories on what actually turns you on. We want to know what you desire when you're really and truly being yourself. Do you love being spanked? Do you fantasise about the girl who cold called you about a PPI claim? Do you dream of a dungeon filled with freaky shit or would you prefer to actually just cuddle up and gorge on Netflix over a rampant, sweaty sex session?

To find out, read the Anonymous Sex Journal - The Arousal Issue in Issue #4 of Riposte. You can order yours here.