Susie Bubble

For the last decade Susanna Lau, aka Susie Bubble, has become an interlocutor. Lifting the veil of mystique surrounding global fashion trends and giving them a face—one with a wink, a wry smile and a toss of heavy fringe. Through it all she has remained steadfast in her vision—one that sees beyond the hype of clothes and fashion and is not easily imitated. Within fashion there are limits—restrictions one must follow to be “stylish”. We’ve been conditioned to lust after certain wardrobes, such as those of Alexa Chung and Kate Moss.

However, Susie Lau’s style offers an unusual amalgamation. Think Anna Piaggi, Rei Kawakubo and Anna Dello Russo—a madcap collision that is daring, loud and pulsating with creativity. Her style goes against our preconceived notions of chic, but is equally desirable nonetheless. Issue #4 features a conversation between Susie and Joy Yoon, the two have been friends since they met on a surfing holiday and bonded over a shared love of Arsenal and very healthy appetites. All photography by Francesca Jane Allen.

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