Illustration by Monica Kim Garza.

Illustration by Monica Kim Garza.


 Sex Tapes #6

Sex Tapes is a series of up front and anonymous interviews about the sex lives of various women. 

Are you in a relationship?


How often do you have sex?

Once a month at the minute - I've not long gotten out of a relationship so am a bit wary of getting back out there.

Do you like having sex


What’s your favourite thing to do when with a partner?

I like being told what to do - I also really enjoy 69. I love receiving oral sex and enjoy the pleasure someone gets when receiving it.

What do you not like to do?

I'm pretty open for most things, there’s nothing I've done so far that I've not really been into.

Do you sometimes do things you don’t particularly like? Why?

Yes. My ex was a big fan of morning sex and I'm not really a morning person but I'd often do it knowing that was the only time I was going to have sex for a few days.

Do you fake orgasms?

I have in the past before I really knew what one was like and how to achieve one. I've not really faked one since.

Do you masturbate? If yes how often?

Yes. I go through phases—sometimes I'll masturbate three times in one day and then I'll go a month or two without doing it.

Do you cheat on your partners? If yes why?

Yes, twice. It tends to happen when the relationship is falling apart and I'm yet to consciously realise it.

Have you ever been cheated on?

Not that I'm aware of. I did sleep with a guy I had dated previously and then found out he had a girlfriend, which was a bit shitty.

A lot of pressure is put on how much sex you have and who you have it with. I wish some had told me earlier that sex is just sex.

What’s the best sex you’ve ever had and why?

With my ex-boyfriend. At times when we would connect physically and emotional (not just the everyday sex) it was amazing. He was very attentive and it was important to both of us that I climax—which I almost always did. That was an achievement in my eyes.

What’s been the worst sex you’ve ever had?

It’s usually from one-night stands. It’s never been awful just neither of us really know or care about what it takes for the other to achieve an orgasm. It’s quite selfish sex.

What do you fantasize about?

Threesomes. Being with a woman. Having sex is public places (I like the element of getting caught).

Would you ever act on your fantasies?

Yes, I'm pretty open when it comes to sex. At this point I've never been with a woman, but it’s an experience I'd like to have because otherwise how would I know if I would/wouldn't enjoy it.

What do you wish someone had told you about sex before you started having it?

A lot of pressure is put on how much sex you have and who you have it with. I wish some had told me earlier that sex is just sex.

It can be great when there’s a physical and emotional connection, but physical no strings attached sex it amazing to! How you have sex, who you have it with and how often you do it doesn't dictate anything about you as a person so enjoy it!



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