Joey Yu, Tahmina Begum and Emma Low all photographed by Rosie Matheson.

Joey Yu, Tahmina Begum and Emma Low all photographed by Rosie Matheson.


Scratch That Itch: Be Who You Want To Be

In partnership with Ace & Tate

Our identity is never one set, static thing. We are all fluid beings made up of different facets and dimensions that change day-to-day. Recognising this Ace & Tate is an eyewear brand that allow you to experiment with style and mix up the frames you wear depending on how you feel. Their collections celebrate this universal truth that we are complex people made up of many thoughts, feelings, urges, wants, needs, likes, dislikes and itches that need scratching—all the things that make us uniquely individual.

We wanted to explore this further by speaking to some of our favourite women about the multiple sides of their identity and how their style and various creative outlets help them express the different aspects of their personalities. We delved into heritage to discuss how your background and upbringing can impact on identity and why the people around you really shape your outlook.

We travelled to Leeds and Manchester to meet Emma Low of Pot Yer Tits Away Luv, we hung out in the Midlands and London with editor and writer Tahmina Begum and visited the studio of artist/illustrator Joey Yu. The conversations were as rich and diverse as the women themselves and ultimately reveal there is more to each of us than meets the eye.

You can read all of the full interviews at the links below.

Joey Yu, artist and illustrator

"My identity is layered, I can be as equally boisterous as I can be quiet and reflective." 

Read Joey's full interview here.

Emma Low, Pot Yer Tits Away Luv

"My work has definitely been influenced by my sense of humour.” 

Read Emma's full interview here.

Tahmina Begum, Editor-in-Chief, XXY Magazine and HuffPost UK Reporter

"Seeing my parents graft so hard, showed me that my reality is very lucky…

Read Tahmina's full interview here.

Above: Joey is wearing Vic Lux in black, Emma is wearing Max in Chocolate Chip, Tahmina is wearing Donna in Marmalade.

All photography by Rosie Matheson 

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