Taking the environment seriously in seriously good clothes at the Reformation London Pop Up

Back in November when LA brand, Reformation opened their London pop-up it got lots of people very excited, so much so that they’ve now extended the run until 8th March. Lots of brands talk a good sustainability talk but for Reformation being a sustainable fashion brand is their central focus, making their clothes an even better investment for the smart, environmentally conscious customer.

The ladies behind Reformation have transformed the eco-friendly aesthetic from hemp bags to beautiful fringed silk shirts and patent red mini skirts. Their pop up shop at 63 Monmouth Street, London is their latest cross continental endeavour to have us all take stock of our environmental foot-print. By tracking their water use, carbon footprint and waste they reduce their impact on the environment by some mad quantities. In 2016 Reformation saved 178M gallons of water, 2.1M lbs of carbon dioxide and 141,000 lbs of waste, making us look and feel better all at the same time.

They've even set up a nifty way for a more holistic approach to environmentally friendly consumption. RefRecycling is a door-to-door service that collects your old clothes and takes them to be recycled. Handing out a bunch of handy information on their site, Reformation aren't just about flogging their own brand of eco-friendly goodness - they want to encourage different habits when it comes to our clothes, such as really informative washing information, advice on donating unwanted clothes and green dry cleaning.

Their founder Yael Aflalo set the wheels of change in motion back in 2010. They're sassy can-do and 'don’t give a fuck' attitude resonates with a huge demographic of women trying to make a difference, have a sense of humour and a killer outfit all at once. A regular flow of leading ladies are changing the way we interact with the environment, driving female led change and activism the world over – here’s to hoping the rest of the fashion industry sit up and take more real sustainable action.