Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech

Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech


Meet: Niesh Vanterpool

Niesh Vanterpool is a denim specialist, stylist and creative consultant based in London. We caught up with her recently to find out what she's been up to & what she's into. 

What are you up to work-wise this week?

As my selling season is over, this week i'll mostly be checking in with my customers and trying to find some new ones with a few meetings here and there.

Do you have any good social tips of restaurants/bars you've been to recently?

I'm the worst person to ask because I hardly ever go out and I'm a creature of habit although I revisited Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston yesterday and 300% recommend it for awesome drinks.

What are you listening to - music/podcasts?

Again with the "creature of habit". I listen to the same stuff all the time, for nostalgic reasons - The Cro-Mags, E Town Concrete, anything from the Bad Boy era of hiphop. My poor boyfriend. New stuff? I love Solange's "A Seat At The Table" so much. Everything about the record, the Master P snippets, the visuals, the lyrics, the *vibe*. It's really soothing for women, particularly women of colour in this...interesting socio-political climate. For podcasts, I love Phoebe Lovatt's WW Club

What was the last lesson you learnt?

Two things! Firstly, I recently discovered - or more, had it confirmed- that I'm an empath with extremely high sensitivity and so many things became clear. It was like a cloud was lifted from over my head and I learned that some things are out of your power. Secondly - It's easy to be drained by other people's energies & I'm currently learning how to avoid that. It's possible to offer support without taking on another person's problem per se.

Do you have any current obsessions?

The rapper, YG. Crystals. A vegan Youtube channel called Hot For Food. The perfect shade of jade green.

What are you doing for dinner tonight?

Actually going to Dishoom with my friend, Steph Hoff. 

How's your work/life balance going?

Better. I'm trying to be productive without punishing myself.

Best place you've travelled to this year?

Anguilla. I'm absolutely being biased. My family is from there but it really is truly amazing. Also Marrakech, holy shit. So beautiful and actually not so chaotic once you exit the medina.

When was the last time you fucked up?

Yesterday by not being direct when i should've been. I might be good at reading minds (see above, empath) but not everyone else is!

What would you like to read about in the next issue of Riposte?

At age 30, in 2016, I feel that publications like Riposte are so important. i'd like to see more! - more discussions, more diversity, more intersectionality, more women supporting & empowering other women!