Photography by Steph Wilson

Photography by Steph Wilson


Agenda #1: Motherhood

Welcome to Agenda, our new monthly, online issue. Each month we’ll be exploring one topic in depth and to kick things off we’re taking on motherhood.

There is a whole spectrum of angles and emotions that surround the topic of motherhood. Whether you’ve had children, you’re trying to get pregnant, you can’t have children, you’ve suffered loss or anything in between it can be a beautiful and terrifying experience—it can be the best of times and the absolute worst.

For our first Agenda issue we wanted to explore some of these highs and lows and the boredom in between. We wanted to have honest conversations with women about the happiness motherhood can bring as well as looking at the realities up close and uncensored.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing pieces from a variety of women who have shared their experiences on a wide range of issues such as childbirth, post-natal depression, the importance of a wider family, infertility, the opposite experience of matrescence, the experience of losing a child and the balance of creativity, work and motherhood—plus lots more in between.

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