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International Space Orchestra and Savages

6th July 2016


In April this year something very special happened in San Francisco. The four members of the band Savages drove into town with the magical alchemist Nelly Ben Hayoun and that night performed with the International Space Orchestra (ISO) at the historical Fillmore venue. The ISO is the original creation of Riposte cover girl Nelly. Back in 2012 she persuaded officials at NASA to let her into the organization to bring together some of the more musical members of the workforce to create an orchestra that would play music on space exploration composed by the likes of Damon Albarn and Bobby Womack.The latest ISO project brought together the mighty power of the full orchestra with the mesmerizing Savages. Together they played through an atmospheric and mind melting gig. One of our favourite photographers Aaron Wojack was there to capture the action and has kindly shared his favourite shots.

Thanks so much to Nelly and her team for setting up the shoot and to Aaron for the brilliant images.

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