Gloria Steinem: WOMAN


Feminist icon, writer and activist Gloria Steinem has set on a worldwide mission with VICE tracing the lives of women ‘at the intersection of violence, stability and oppression’.

Through a series of episodes on VICE Video entitled WOMAN, Steinem intends to ’tackle the greatest dangers of the 21st Century’ as she states in the moving and inspiring trailer. Encompassing a whole spectrum of social justice, Steinem’s programme travels to Pakistan, El Salvador, Zambia, Columbia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Canada and the US. Unpacking complex and emotional issues from child marriage, women in the military or extremist militia, prison to examine the state of women the world over. 

Giving a platform to women to change the shape of our world, this is a must watch. As Steinem concludes, ’the wellbeing of women determines the wellbeing of society.’

Watch all episodes here.