Meetings: Femme Culture


Rarely do club nights and meaningful exhibitions come together as perfectly as they do when the Femme Culture women put together an event. Ahead of their incredible up coming event Behind The Scars we sat down with Elkka and Ludo to find out where it all started and what they have planned for the future.

Tell us a bit more about Femme Culture - what is it about, and what do you do?

Elkka: We started out as a record label and have very quickly evolved into a cultural hub, collective and platform to champion women in the arts as well as supporting the LGBTQ community.

Ludo: Essentially we curate and organise badass parties that feature female DJs, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators and release great music.

How did Femme Culture start?

Elkka: Well I am an artist/producer/DJ and I wanted to release my own music so I set up Femme Culture as a platform for that. Before producing for myself I wrote for other people and featured on other people’s tracks but I didn’t really know producing was an option as it was a bit of a boys club. Once it clicked that I could do this for myself it changed everything and I really wanted to promote this DIY ethos and so Femme Culture was born.

Ludo: Elkka threw the first Femme Culture party in Hackney and asked me to DJ and we just clicked. I’ve been running Femme Culture with her ever since.

The next event will be working with photographer Sophie Mayanne, and her amazing project Behind the Scars - how did you come to meet?

Elkka: My girlfriend, who is also a photographer, introduced me to Sophie’s project a little while back and I thought it was amazing and the perfect collaboration for an FC party. It’s really important to us to work with artists and showcase projects that have a strong and positive ethos behind them and Sophie’s work is just incredible.

 We like to curate our parties around the art that we are celebrating. Behind The Scars will be centered around the incredible imagery and stories behind them. When you see these photographs and you read what people have overcome or even how their scar provokes a certain memory, it’s incredibly powerful.



What's happening at the event? What's the line up?

Ludo: We want to take that a step further and create very immersive experience with Sophie’s images as the inspiration and focal point. There will be the photography exhibition itself which will be exhibited for the very first time, a spoken word performance by Sophie LS and live art by illustrator Franz Lang. We will also be DJing with our friends, isis from Room for Rebellion and Ehua.





What are you listening to right now?

Elkka: Top three tracks right now would be Boing by Mina, Days Like This by Shanti Celeeste and Planet by Four Tet.

Ludo: LKM by Kelela. I love her so much. Her album is out in October and I can’t wait <3

Who are your inspirations?

Elkka: I’ve just finished reading I Love Dick so I'm a little obsessed with Chris Kraus. Bit of a life changing book for me. Polly Nor’s recent exhibition was amazing and super inspiring and Mica Levi is a genius who I find continuously overwhelming and wondrous. Not forgetting my main inspo…my Mum.

Ludo: Honestly… I’ve been recently thinking a lot about where inspiration comes from, how to understand it and channel it. So these days I’m trying to be more inward-facing, I want to be fascinated by my own creative mind as much as I am from external outputs. But all hail the mother of hip-hop Sylvia Robinson.

Any friends out there we need to know about?

Ludo: Madam X’s Kaizen label releases ridiculously throbbing bass music of the highest quality. Everything she puts out or plays in her set is a dance floor destroyer.

Don’t miss music from Nervous Horizon either – certified bangers, plus TSVI and Wallwork are Italian like me so HOLD TIGHT THE ITALIAN CREW.

Then there’s this one artist called Elkka, incredibly talented, her single is out this fall and it’s the 3rd part of a series…. Can’t miss that!!!

Elkka: Pote and Haich are two mates of mine who I have been in the studio with and got dope new singles out. Both have got their own vibes which I fan girl over. Can’t forget my compadre Pop Morrison and also Sophie Bass on the illustration tip.

Party wise, shout out to Pxssy Palace for the hedonistic safe space to lose yourself in and particularly to Munroe Bergdorf who we are in full support of!

Find out more details on Behind The Scars here.