Issue #6: Everyday Activism


everyday activism.jpg

We live in very weird times. With so many huge issues, rampant inequality and injustice going on in the world it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. As if it’s impossible for one person to really make a difference. To try and get to grips with what we can practically do as individuals or how we can join forces with others to make an impact we brought together a collection of innovative activists from across a range of causes. We met with Sisters Uncut, trans activist Charlie Craggs who is spreading her fabulous activism one manicure at a time, environmental activist Peggy Oki, Kerrie-Anne Mendoza

of The Canary and Mary Joyce of Meta-Activism. Each of them broke down what they did, what they were fighting against and how everyone can get involved. To accompany the feature we commissioned a brilliant series of images that were inspired by each of the causes featured in the article. The team was led by photographer Stephanie Wilson, make-up by Holly Sillius, hair by Yusuke Morioka, stylist was Kyanisha Morgan and models were Lily Newmark, Meg Nixon and Laura Kirwan Ashman. Thanks to everyone involved.

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