What was the last lesson you learnt?

You have to make yourself happy.  

Do you have any current obsessions?

I've got a orchid collection on my windowsill at work and this year I managed to make one of them re-flower which I mark as one of my biggest achievements. 

Which photographers do you follow on instagram?

My friend Chantal Anderson's feed is consistently stellar @chantalanderson. I also love the work of @justjac and @reedmorano - a director and DP.

How's your work/life balance going?

Right now, pretty good. One of the things that has made a huge difference this year is reading a lot. Making the time to disengage and get lost in a book has been a priority for me this year and has a huge impact on my work/life balance.



Meet: Anne Hollowday

New York based photographer Anne shoots beautiful, atmospheric photographs that capture amazing landscapes and make you yearn for a summer of hot kisses and new bodies.

What are you up to work-wise this week?

I can't believe it's mid October already! I'm pitching on a couple new projects, wrapping up for a short film I directed and trying to make some headway on my always-in-the-background project - organizing my photo archive. 

Do you have any good social tips of restaurants/bars you've been to recently in your city?

I had an amazing dinner at the Four Horsemen in Brooklyn recently which is a wonderful neighbourhood spot - very unassuming - where they've got the lighting just right.

What are you listening to - music/podcasts?

I've been making monthly playlists - a kind of album length mixtape for a couple years and its an incredible archive for me of where my head has been at over time. This month's is still taking shape but it features Jenny Hval and Nicolas Jaar who both released new records recently and have been on heavy circulation. Music is such a visceral medium, whenever I go back and listen to an old monthly playlist I'm immediately transported back to that time.


Best place you've travelled to this year?

I went to FiD film festival in Marseille in July for a project my husband and I worked on and managed to explore all the peripheries of that beautiful coastline by land and by sea. Calanque de Sormiou was a highlight.

When was the last time you fucked up?

All the time! Be humble, learn and move on.

What would you like to read about in the next issue of Riposte?

I'd love to hear more stories from far flung places. Matrilineal societies in India, China and Africa for example. I'm also really eager to hear personal stories about where women have encouraged and supported other women, a kind of short account of when you've had a leg-up. People forget that tiny acts of kindness and generosity go a long way when magnified over time and it's cool to celebrate those and trace events back to a single moment or decision. Another big thing for me is the theme of endeavour, particularly where your mind travels as your feet journey. Maybe a series of photo essays/visual stories presenting transformative trips and voyages?