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Anna Fox, Work Stations

In each issue we dedicate a sixteen-page monograph to the work of one artist, theme or piece of work. When we came across Anna Fox'sWork Stations project earlier in the year, we knew there was nothing else we could publish in our third monograph but this incredible documentation of 1980s office life. Work Stations takes a close up

look at the lives and working environments of city workers in Thatcher’s Britain. There are city boys celebrating big wins, huge mobile phones and even bigger hairstyles. So successful is the series at capturing the essence of the era, you can almost hear the sound of Spandau Ballet’s “Gold” ringing in your ears.

Anna Fox is represented by James Hyman Photography in London and Tasveer Arts in Bangalore she is Professor of Photography at University for the Creative Arts at Farnham. All images courtesy of Anna Fox.

To see the full monograph, order #3 here.