Ruth Ossai,  in collaboration with  Ibrahim Kamara.

Ruth Ossai, in collaboration with Ibrahim Kamara.


Am I Making Sense?

Melissa presents AM I MAKING SENSE? – an exhibition curated by Ashleigh Kane.

Despite all of the overwhelming political and social upheaval that is going on in the world at the minute and the negative news thrown at us on a minute by minute basis something really positive has been happening. As a way to counteract all of the negativity and fear mongering young people are faced with they have been turning to the power of positive thinking and spirituality to bring about the changes they want to see in their lives. Self-care is no longer seen as self-indulgent, in these turbulent times it’s self-preservation.

To explore this further writer Ashleigh Kane has curated a new exhibition featuring work that delves into a positive affirmation that is personal to each artist. The show features work by the brilliant Shon Faye, Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee (who we spoke to recently), and Ruth Ossai, in collaboration with Ibrahim Kamara.

Collectively the show will bring together photography, film, set design, and subtle sensory elements to immerse visitors into a celebration of each artist’s identity.

On her desire to work with each of the artists Ashleigh said, “I was drawn to working with each artist because while their output, aesthetics and execution are different, their works are centred by identity. Each fearlessly embraces alternative perspectives informed by their diverse experiences and desires to push representation forward. Whether that’s Shon’s brutally honest, dark humoured, narration of her life as a trans woman, Elizabeth dismantling stereotypes that surround Asian women, or Ruth and Ibrahim giving a voice to how West Africans living in Yorkshire are carving out new meanings of what it means to be British.”

It’s really exciting to see a show like this at a time when you could be forgiven for not wanting to get out of bed. On the idea of utilizing positive thought Ashleigh expanded, “I’ve never underestimated the power of positive thought and hope that through these artists being brave enough to tap into their own insecurities about their identities and turning them into moments of strength, other people can relate, and ultimately do so too.”

The show opens tonight at Hoxton Arches and will be open to the public all day Friday 3rd November 10-7pm. More information on the exhibition can be found here.

Hoxton Arches, 402 Cremer St, London E2 8HD

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Film still by Shon Faye

Film still by Shon Faye

Film still by Shon Faye

Film still by Shon Faye