Riposte & Levi's® Made & Crafted®  Presents ALDA

At the very heart of Riposte is a love of working with and supporting female creative talent so we're extremely excited to launch ALDA - a series of commissions with female creatives to celebrate the release of the new Levi's® Made & Crafted® AW/17 collection.

The new collection is heavily inspired by the dramatic and unpredictable landscape of Iceland. Fuelled by fire and ice, Iceland is a tapestry of otherworldly colour and texture. Using these two elements of fire and ice as the root of the project we have commissioned a brilliant line up of women including visual artist Lucy Hardcastle, producer Nabihah Iqbal and Patternity to create a film, a soundscape and screen-print that reflect and explore these Icelandic influences. 

For the project Lucy Hardcastle has created ALDA, a short film that explores the awe-inspiring elements of Iceland—both the physical and spiritual. ALDA moves through different acts from a turbulent, dark and primal beginning through to a light and sensual finale. Each act reflects the various physical elements of Iceland from the rumbling and expansive volcanoes to the exhilarating hot springs and glaciers.

ALDA by Lucy Hardcastle. Soundscape by Nabihah Iqbal

It's a really beautiful and mesmerising piece of work and one that showcases Lucy's immense talent for using materials to evoke a sensory and emotional reaction in the viewer. We've been a fan of her work for a while now and have lusted after her glossy and surreal imagery so it is a real pleasure to finally work with her. 

To accompany Lucy’s live action narrative Nabihah Iqbal has produced a soundscape that uses big synth pad sounds and abrasive, dark noises to reflect the experience of being in such a different terrain. Of the collaboration Nabihah has said, “I was interested straight away because the visuals and aesthetics of Lucy’s work and the project as a whole really fits with the music that I make.” Together the film and Nabihah’s soundscape evoke a sense of the otherworldly and primal experience of being in a unique place like Iceland.


Nabihah Iqbal by Francesca Allen

Nabihah Iqbal by Francesca Allen

To bring a hands on element to the project Patternity has created Alchemical Appreciation, a screen-print design that melds the alchemical symbols for fire and ice against the background of dappled volcanic rock. The black ink in the final piece has been created using volcanic ash which gave each of the prints texture and tactility. Grace Winteringham of Patternity said, "It's really nice to bring that hands on element back to design... The black ink was made using volcanic ash from Iceland which brings texture and a molecular structure to the print." You can get your hands on the final screen-print here.

Each of the women we have commissioned are connected through shared themes in their work that explore nature; patterns, rhythms and materials. When curating the project Danielle Pender of Riposte said, “From the very beginning we had a clear idea of who we wanted to work with. Lucy brings a really beautiful, sensory approach and we love the way she explores materials. Nabihah’s primal and sensual music felt instantly perfect for Lucy’s visuals and Patternity’s passion for bringing the natural world into our everyday consciousness was exactly what we wanted to incorporate into the project. Each of the women and their processes perfectly link with the ethos behind the Levi's® Made & Crafted® .”  

Grace Winteringham & Anna Murrayof Patternity by Francesca Allen

Grace Winteringham & Anna Murrayof Patternity by Francesca Allen

Lucy Hardcastle by Francesca Allen

Lucy Hardcastle by Francesca Allen

Alchemical Appreciation  by Patternity

Alchemical Appreciation by Patternity

The whole process has been captured in a behind the scenes film which you can watch below. It documents each of the creative processes and tells the story in the words of the women we have collaborated with.

Each of the commissions reference the beautiful design details of the collection and the strong Icelandic influences. From mossy hills and steaming springs to volcanic terrain and soft, snowy glaciers, these are some of Iceland’s awe-inspiring extreme elements which are reflected in the colours and textures of the collection.

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