Issue #8 Launch Party


Issue #8 is well and truly launched! We kicked the issue out into the world with a day of celebrations. All held in the sunny surroundings of the rooftop of the Ace Hotel we brought together our readers for a day of talks, workshops and a party to celebrate the release of our latest issue.


We started off with a two-course brunch created by the Ace kitchen then got straight into the talks at 12 with a live recording of the latest Stance podcast which you can hear here. Hosts Heta Fell and Chrystal Genesis were joined by renowned make-up artist Kay Montano and Dr Aisha Phoneix of SOAS. The panel discussed colourism and its affects on society and those who experience it.

All of the talks throughout the day linked to content in the latest issue, the next session looked at the motherhood conundrum as written about by Vicky Spratt in the print edition. Throughout the feature and the discussion we looked at the issues women are dealing with around when and whether to have children. Rather than it being a foregone conclusion that all women want, can and will have children, young women today are asking whether they really want to have kids, whether this narrative they’ve been sold is actually what they want or what is expected of them and if they do want kids can they actually afford them. For the panel we were joined by Carrie-Anne Roberts of Mère Soeur, and writers Bridget Minamore and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett. 

Over lunch everyone got busy with the workshops that were running in the Britannia Room. We were joined by Collage Club London, photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz ran a photography workshop with Impossible Project equipment, we had live screen printing and Girls in Film ran their specially curated film programme throughout the day.

Bellies full we got back into it after lunch with a brilliant session on women and porn. Host Leanne Cloudsdale spoke to Dr Fiona Vera-Gray who is the first person in the UK to conduct a mainstream study into women and their uses and attitudes towards porn. Leanne started the conversation by asking everyone in the audience who masturbates to online porn which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the conversation. Leanne and Fiona discussed many aspects around women and porn and Fiona’s findings throughout the study. As part of the project Fiona is keen to start a conversation around the grey areas, rather than have a for or against stance about porn Fiona is interested in discussing some of the more nuanced elements of women and their attitudes towards and usage of porn.

The final session of the day was an inspiring and practical discussion around the world of work. Chair Lucy-Anne Ronayne chatted to Pip Jamieson of The Dots, Gloria Monfrini of Uber and Georgina Harding of Semaine. The panel discussed smart ways to focus in a world where distractions are everywhere. Georgina recommended the following apps and platforms Pocket, TrelloSlack, Monzo Bank and Cast for podcasts when you want to wind down. Gloria also had a great list of killer apps that she uses throughout her working week including Productivity Planner with BeFocused app on Mac (More on the Pomodoro Technique), Flux - adapts the colour of your screen to the time of the day to reduce eyestrain and Stop, Breathe & Think - for break time meditations and breathing exercises. Pip made the hugely important point that working flat out without a break and without looking after yourself is counter productive as you often get sick and you’re not producing your best work. She advised taking time out and doing what makes you happy – that doesn’t have to be yoga, “If you like going out and getting trashed with your mates, go and do that!” YES!

With that in mind we took to the terrace with Tanqueray cocktails and Smirnoff cider to kick back in the sun. The BORN n BREAD girls played a killer soundtrack to the party, Imarni Nails got everyone looking good, Disciple Skincare offered massages, Joey Yu drew lightning portraits and all the workshops got well underway.

 We loved it all, the day was incredible - full of brilliant women chatting, sharing ideas, getting creative and laughing their heads off. It couldn’t have happened without so many people especially Tas at Ace and his amazing team, all of the Riposte crew, Tanqueray, Smirnoff and Hop House 13 who kept everyone refreshed all afternoon, all of the workshop teams, Imarni Nails, the BORN n BREAD girls, Joey Yu, Disciple Skincare and everyone who came down and supported. THANKYOU!!!